Gates Automation


Auto-Gates Scotland can advise you on the ideal solution to fit your requirements. From the style of gate to the system and security features which will be required.

Concealed Operating

Why spoil the look of a set of ornate or antique gates? An underground installation is the ideal compliment to even the most intricate gate styles.
With an exclusive hydraulic system which combines exceptional anti-intrusion security whilst ensuring the maximum anti-crushing safety, with simple manual override facilities in any emergency. The combined and drive unit is also equipped with hydraulic slowdown at the end of the opening or closing cycle.

Designed for gates up to 800kg, with hydraulic systems that offer super quiet operation with the added benefit of low electricity consumption.

Power Supply – 230V 50-60Hz
Maximum Motor Load – 500W


Sliding Gate

A range of motors to suit all domestic automatic sliding gates. Fitted with a lockable release mechanism in case of power failure. Operational safety is guaranteed by an electronic sensor which reverses or arrests the movement of the gate when obstructed.

Can operate any gate weighing up to 1800 kgs.

Power Supply – 230V 50-60Hz
For Gates up to 13 metres


Articulated Arm

A cost effective solution for the opening of automatic gates. Ideal for gates with large posts. An articulated arm allows total flexibility in the placement of the drive unit.

Power Supply – 230V 50-60Hz
Opens gates up to 125 degrees and supports weights of up to 200 – 250 kgs



Hydraulic and Mechanical Pistons More cost effective than the underground system. Ideal for wooden or farm style gates. A high strength hydraulic locking mechanism ensures that the gate cannot be forced with a simple manual override facility in the case of emergency or electrical failure.

Power Supply – 230V 50-60Hz
This system will operate gates of up to 7 metres per leaf


FAAC Cantilever Gates

Cantilever gate systems for sliding metal gates and suitable for both commercial and industrial applications. Cantilever gates are ideal for security, traffic control or where road surfaces are uneven. The roadway is free of rails since the gate is supported by rollers which slide in a tubular track fitted to the bottom of the gate. The system is suitable for manual or automated gates. We stock a comprehensive range of cantilever gate systems suitable for every application needs.